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Columbus, OH, 43215
United States

For cats and humans who believe in reproductive freedom. Home of the Leave My Pussy Alone T-Shirt.  Profits pay for a pro-choice billboard in Columbus, Ohio. Debuts New "Pussies Against Trump" E-Billboard Campaign In Columbus, Ohio

Blog Debuts New "Pussies Against Trump" E-Billboard Campaign In Columbus, Ohio

Amanda Patton

For interview requests contact: CLASSYCAT@PROCHOICECATS.COM is thrilled to announce that our new e-billboards will be appearing on the corner of 3rd Street and Spring Street in Downtown Columbus, Ohio from Oct 11 - Oct 31, 2016 - just in time for the 2016 Election. This year’s billboard theme is “Pussies Against Trump,” featuring animated versions of real-life pro-choice pussy cats from Instagram. The campaign will also be re-running last year’s billboard art, which featured messages of support for a local independent abortion clinic, Founder’s Women’s Health Center. raised money for the e-billboards by selling cat t-shirts, tank tops, stickers, buttons, heating pads, tampon-themed cat toys, and subversive cross stitch art. The merch was designed and made by a group of passionate artists and volunteers. Hundreds of people from across Ohio and many other states bought these pussy-themed products - all in the name of paying for pro-choice messages on an e-billboard located on the very route that leads to the Ohio Statehouse, aka the place where misogynistic anti-choice laws are passed every year in an attempt to police women’s bodies and obstruct access to legal healthcare.  

“I knew for a really long time that I wanted this year’s billboards to focus on the upcoming election because access to abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare are under attack in Ohio and things will only get worse if Donald Trump and the Republican Party gain control of the country,” said Amanda Patton, owner of

“After Trump received the nomination, I decided the billboards would focus on a cat version of Trump but I was worried that some people wouldn’t get the combination of Donald Trump + Angry Pussies. But then we all saw the video of Trump bragging about how he ‘grabs’ women ‘by the pussy’ and it became crystal clear that Trump’s disdain for women’s rights, bodily autonomy, and pussies intersect in a horrifyingly organic way,” Patton explained.

Patton continued: “I was disgusted by how cavalierly Trump boasted about kissing and groping women without their consent… but I can’t say I was surprised. Such behavior is to be expected of a man who has very publicly referred to women as pigs, dogs, and pieces of ass. Trump once said on TV that ‘putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.’ He claims to be pro-life, yet he has described breastfeeding as ‘disgusting’ and has bragged about refusing to change diapers. Trump is a by-product of the Republican party’s ideology that women are nothing more than trophy wives and walking baby incubators. Even the Republicans who chastised Trump for his pussy-grabbing comments kept referring to the women victimized by Trump as “someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s wife” as if the humiliation of a woman is only relatable when you think about her relationship to the men in her life. To Donald Trump and the Republican party, if you’re a woman, you’re not really an autonomous person. You are someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s daughter, someone’s property. And since you are nothing more than someone’s property, you don’t get ownership of your sexuality, your fertility, or even your own god damn uterus. How could we not dedicate these pussy billboards to the sinking ship of misogyny that is Donald Trump and the Republican party?”

A special thanks to everyone who made these billboards possible, including these artists, volunteers, and vendors…


The cats who allowed their likenesses to be featured on all of the Pro Choice Cats products and billboards. @1tidus, @yanksgal23, @squirtandbella, @reese_the_trendy_tortie, @misspicklescat, @chicken_n_klink, @mrfuzztonksandlupin, @nola_cats, @reese_n_regan, @the_3misfits, @amanda_n_cats, @_georgiawhiskers_, @moofabulousss, @shadowtheblindcat

Wholly Craft for selling our shirts, buttons, and stickers in your brick-and-mortar store in Clintonville. The fine people at Wholly Craft went above and beyond in so many ways to make this project a success.

Amelia Can Crochet for designing and crocheting those unbelievably charming tampon catnip toys. You rock in so many ways and I’m so glad we got to work together on such a fun project.

Envy My Tee for printing the “Pro-Choice Pussies in Space” baseball tee and tank tops. You delivered a great, professional product every single time on a tight deadline. Thanks for working with me so closely to find the perfect fit.

Screenin’ Fever for helping me get this business off the ground by screen-printing the Original “Leave My Pussy Alone” T-shirt. I can’t say enough good things about the quality and speed of your work!

Founder’s Women’s Health Center for teaching me about what it means to provide compassionate abortion care to women who need these services. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to shine a spotlight on the last independently-operated abortion provider in Columbus. Thank you to the dedicated workers and patients who are willing to brave the jeers of anti-choice protesters every day because they know in their hearts that abortion is a constitutional right.

The volunteers who made the buttons, makeup bags, heating pads, makeup bags, and cross stitch art. The friends who modeled the shirts and helped me lug my products to events all across Columbus. The online artists who helped create the original 2015 e-billboards. Words cannot express how grateful I am to every single person who gave up their time and energy to help make this business project/cause possible.

The hilarious and awesome people who bought our products or donated money to this cause. Without you pro-choice folks, these billboards would have never become a reality. I salute your passion for pussies and abortion rights, and I hope the final billboards make you proud to live in Ohio.

About The company-with-a-cause was started in the Summer of 2015 in Columbus, Ohio by aN abortion clinic worker, Amanda Patton, and her cat @ClassyCatInColumbus. Amanda and a group of pro-choice women worked together to design and sell t-shirts featuring the feline Instagram star to raise money for e-billboards that fight back against abortion stigma in Ohio.

The original purple t-shirts declare cheekily “leave my pussy alone” and have made appearances at various pro-choice events around Ohio, including protests at Governor Kasich's presidential rally. Orders have come in from as far as Washington D.C. and Canada for the pro-choice products, which were created, designed, sold, and shipped all through volunteer labor and paid independent artists.