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Columbus, OH, 43215
United States

For cats and humans who believe in reproductive freedom. Home of the Leave My Pussy Alone T-Shirt.  Profits pay for a pro-choice billboard in Columbus, Ohio.

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Leave My Pussy Alone

The message to Ohio legislators is simple not subtle: Leave our pussies alone.


The message to Ohio legislators is simple not subtle.

We want Republicans to stop being GYNOTICIANS - politicians who think they are gynecologists.

Stay away from our reproductive rights. Stop the abortion bans and clinic closures. Back up off our birth control and IUDs.

Since Governor John Kasich entered office in 2011, he has enacted 16 anti-choice measures and closed nearly half of the state’s abortion clinics.

There are only 9 abortion clinics in the entire state of ohio.

Women must already overcome incredible obstacles to obtain an abortion in Ohio. Getting an appointment at a clinic can sometimes take several weeks and it may be hundreds of miles away from where you are.

Women who are actually able to arrange for childcare, transportation and time off of work will make it to their first appointment. Once they arrive, the state requires mandatory ultrasounds and a 24-hour waiting period.

This makes it a 2-visit process at the minimum, which means the woman must again arrange for transportation, childcare, time off of work, and lodging (if she has traveled from far away).

This is an expensive and burdensome process for a simple, safe & legal 5-minute medical procedure.

Currently, Ohio's state legislature is considering several extreme anti-abortion measures.

One bill would ban abortion at 20-weeks.

Another bill would ban abortion at 6-weeks (a time when many women have no idea they are pregnant.)

another bill would ban abortion if the fetus has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

This has to stop. Ohio's women should be trusted to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions.

Let's tell these gynoticians to #LeaveMyPussyAlone